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In 2019 Lianne Cornell left her role as CMO of a multi-brand media and technology non-profit to become the owner and founder of her own strategic marketing business. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, spanning from agency to retail to non-profits, I provide executive-level thinking to businesses of all sizes in the areas of digital marketing, audience growth, campaign planning, product launches, and more.


When your marketing channels are no longer reaching peak performance, your bottom line is no longer growing, or your sales and marketing team need to get on the same page, it's time to do something different. My business model is to step in as an extension of your team, assess the situation at hand, and then tailor-fit solutions that work for your team and your budget.



Custom Strategies & Solutions:

From small businesses to non-profits to enterprise organizations, I specialize in fitting your organization with the right marketing tools. I work with you to create solutions that work within your timeframe, your budget, and your team resources.

Reasonable Pricing:

I get it. Sometimes you have a high-priority business need but budgets are tight and internal resources are maxed out. I’ve sat on that side of the table many times. So I don’t let that be a barrier. I'm willing to offer solutions and services that are flexible to meet your marketing needs while staying mindful of budgets.

Partnership in Success:

I don’t want to just be a service you hire. I want to be an extension of your team – a true partnership. I want to feel your business pain points and then rejoice alongside you in the victories. I stay close to your KPIs and am focused on the numbers so that you can be confident in the impact I'm having on your business.



The most important part of your marketing efforts is defining a sound strategy, but oftentimes this gets overlooked or rushed. I take the time to see the how, what, and why to create a quantifiable strategy you can execute.  It's not enough to just do things "better" - you have to do things different. 


You've spent a lot of time and resources developing a new  product. Let's make sure people know about it. Whether its a book release, new websites,  or store openings, a successful product launch relies on an integrated marketing plan that works in symphony together.


The marketing channels are in place, but are you engaging your audience with meaningful and relevant content? It's not enough to just be "present" on social or in email. Today's businesses need to be intentional about what they are saying and how they are saying it in order to create meaningful customer relationships. 


Even the smartest teams know the value of an outside perspective in solving a high-level probelms. We all encounter business roadblocks. It's how you go about creating the solutions that make a difference. I come alongside your teams and your business to make an impact beyond just expert opinions and advice.





"Lianne is one of those unique individuals who can see both the big picture with clarity and whip-smart insight, and also walks the path of implementation. She leads and integrates teams of both internal and 3rd party vendors together to take the hill. Lianne is a thought leader who gets things done with a strategy, determination, and sincerity."

Jared Geesey, Principal, The Geesey Group
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