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Building Connection through Social Media during a Pandemic

Let's face it, it seems as if our normal (or at least what we used to consider as "normal") lives are not returning any time soon. The reality is that schools are still closing, people are still working from home, and the news is telling us every day about growing cases of COVID.

That means that face-to-face interactions with customers are still unlikely and we as business owners need to pivot to other tools to continue to build relationships and engage with customers. You already know the importance of building a CONNECTION with your customers. But with social distancing and quarantine, your usual ways of connecting are probably looking different. Social media is a great way to build on existing relationships and keep your customers engaged (& LOYAL). Just because business looks different doesn’t mean you can’t be active on social, you may just need to rethink your content strategy.

The possibilities are endless and the more creative you get the better, but here are a few tried and true ideas to keep you posting!

TIP #1:

TIP #2:

TIP #3:

TIP #4:

TIP #5:

TIP #6:

TIP #7:

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